we mastered the art of non-standard project
More than a decade of successful international projects – creative ideas working hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology. The expertise we have gained in window display design encourages us to be creative in combining classical production methods with innovative, automated technologies.


Window display design referring to Reserved advertising campaign ?Ciao Kendall? featuring the face of the fall collection Kendall Jenner.

davidoff golf

Window display stands designed for the unique cigar line “The Davidoff Golf Scorecard Edition 2016”. As part of the campaign, a miniature golf course was created on the display. To emphasize the rank of the Golf Scorecard products; materials such as brass, frosted glass, custom-made ceramic clouds and real golf balls have been used among others


The window display designed for the grand opening of the first Reserved flagship shop in famous Oxford Street, London. The technical installation included exposed metal frames, glass neon signs, swirling cables and a large scale portrait of the world timeless icon – Kate Moss


A large scale 3D-model of a fish skeleton created for Store & More, a department store in a seaside resort. A comprehensive project that fully met the client requirements; from the design concept, creation of the 3D-model to the successful on-site installation. The maritime references were intended to bring together all window displays of this multi-brand store on legendary Monte Cassino Street in Sopot, Poland


A gold angel?s wing created for Reserved?s Christmas window display in London. The shape was inspired by a marble Hellenistic sculpture ?Nike of Samothrace?, allegedly carved by the Rhodian sculptor Pythocritus. The wing made of a light material, was subtly displayed and made indirect references to a museum exhibit and the spirit of Christmas.

CCC advertising

A film set design created for the advertising campaign for CCC, a well-known footwear brand. Two notable Polish actors ? Anna Przybylska and Piotr Adamczyk appeared in the spot. The scaled up design elements were used to create the ?king size? effect.

cropp photoshoot

Advertising stage design for the CROPP clothing brand photo shoot. Scaled up 3D-objects have been designed and produced specifically for this project to maintain the style of the entire campaign.


A Neptune figure made from laminate at a scale of 1:1. An amusing interpretation of the original made among others by Abraham Van Den Blocke in the 17th century. The god of the sea depicted kicking the ball was placed in the centre of Gdańsk in 2012 during the Euro 2012. 

Copy of Neptune statue with ball made by Van Den Blocke

Davidoff / the late hour

Window display stands designed to present accessories and tobacco products by Davidoff. Free-standing, multi-layered backlit frames, stands and stickers reflected the characteristics of ?Winston Churchill? cigars that are filled with flavour at every stage of smoking. Connoisseurs claim that the Churchill cigars are just as complex as the iconic former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


Arrangements and furnitures made for Reserved’s inaugural party, on the occasion of opening the long-awaited flagship store in London. The event had place in the industrial interiors of the old Gdańsk shipyard.

Printemps du louvre / POP THE BAG

A sculpture of Judith and Holofernes depicted as Catwoman and Batman – designed and created for the opening of the second Printemps Louvre department store in Paris as part of ?Pop the Bag? exhibition. Van Den Blocke had an honour to work with the visionary Polish artist, Kordian Lewandowski.


Smart urban street furniture created for shopping centres in the Scandinavian countries. 


The window display created in the inimitable ?80s style for Reserved?s ?I Love You Cindy? campaign as a tribute to the ?80s supermodel Cindy Crawford. Both, the design and the campaign reflected the golden age of the ?80s fashion ? bright neon colours, bold styles, roller-skates, perms and mega-sized hairspray bottles. Two-metre 3D-hearts and backlit pedestals with revolving roller-skaters became the hallmarks of that campaign.